Director’s Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the DPS Day and Night Firearms Qualifications and how can I get a copy?
A. The qualification courses of fire are listed in the Reference Guide.

Q. If our Agency wants to host a class for the Advanced Training Bureau, do we receive free training for our Agency?
A. If you are the Host Agency, which supplies the training facility and any other necessary supplies or equipment, and the class has the minimum number of attendees (usually 12 paying students, but varies with the class), the Advanced Training Bureau will give your Agency two “free” slots in the class. If you have 15 paying students, you can will receive three “free” slots, five “free” slots for twenty paying students, and so on.

Q. How does our Agency request a class from the Advanced Training Bureau?
A. Once your Agency determines what type of training is needed, contact us with your request at:

Email Phone Fax
Frank Ortiz 505-827-9257 505-827-3449
Elliott Guttmann 505-827-9206 505-827-3449
  • We will do our utmost best to honor your request within budgetary and time restraints. We strive to have our calendar out by the beginning of the state fiscal year. Therefore, in order to have your request considered for the upcoming year, the request should be into our office no later than March 1st.

Q. What is required of an Agency Hosting a class for the Advanced Training Bureau?
A. As a Host Agency, you are responsible for obtaining a room or other facilities needed for the class and communicating the facilities physical address and room number with the Advanced Training Bureau.It is also helpful if you send out recruitment communications with the surrounding Agencies notifying them of the training and being a point of contact for attendees coming from other areas of the State for suggested Hotel/Motel rooms, restaurants and such. Lastly, it makes the learning experience much better if the Host Agency can arrange for water, coffee, and soda or break food/ snacks. As Officers from around the State attend our training classes in different regions of the State, this has almost become a competition, one community or Agency trying to better the previous Host community or Agency in putting their best foot forward. Think of the recruiting potential.

Q. How does an Officer apply for an Advanced Training class?
A. All that is required to apply for an Advanced Training class is to complete the NMLEA Training Application (LEA-42.pdf). If your Agency does not have a NMLEA Reference Guide, You can download a copy: Forms and Documents or you can contact: Frank Ortiz or 505-827-9257 for an application to be sent to you.

Q. How does the Advanced Training Bureau decide where they hold training classes?
A. There are several considerations taken into account when we decide the locations for our classes. The first is based on requests from Agencies across the State. If an Agency requests a particular training class, we do our best to ensure that class we be held in their region, if not specifically in the town requested. The second consideration is to provide at least two biennial mandated or other advanced classes to every region of the state annually. We try to spread our training across the state as evenly as possible. The third consideration taken into account is the facilities needed for the class to be successful, i.e. a dedicated driving track (EVOC), computer lab (Instructor Development Course) Firearms Range with turning targets, 200 yard Rifle range, 50 yard Pistol Range, 100 yard Rifle/Shotgun range (Firearms Instructor Course), an Auditorium for 200 or more attendee’s for lecture based topics (Lt. Col. David Grossman’s Bullet Proof Mind)’ secure areas for Force on Force training (Officer Survival) are all examples. The fourth consideration is the accessibility; we want to make sure smaller communities and Agencies are represented in this training site selection equation. About 60% of the Law Enforcement Agencies in our State have 20 Officers or less, so their fiscal budgets are far less than the remaining 40% of the Agencies. There are several other considerations when making these decisions, if you have more questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact:Frank Ortiz or 505-827-9257.

Q. How can I get a copy of the DPS lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations?
A. We are hoping to have many of the NMDPS lesson plans posted on our web site at some point, but until then; If you are in need of a “Basic” training lesson plan or curriculum, you can contact the Basic Bureau Chief at 505-827-9257 or Erica Esquibel or 505-827-9625. If you are in need of an “Advanced” training lesson plan or curriculum, you can contact: Frank Ortiz or 505-827-9257.

Q. How can our Agency participate in the Video training program?
A. This is a free decentralized training program offered by our Bureau and all that is required, is to pick a (one at a time) training subject from the list of courses we have and request the course from Frank Ortiz or 505-827-9257. The current courses we offer are:

  • Cops & Ethics
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Rapid Response to the Active Shooter
  • High Speed Pursuit
  • Shoot out at Harrah’s
  • Murder of a Georgia Deputy

Each course comes with a class roster, facilitators guide, (so no instructor is necessary) a pre-test & post-test, lesson plan and evaluation and these courses are NMDPS accredited for three hours of training. As these are original VHS tapes, we only have one tape for each program, which requires the requesting Agency to have a rather rapid turn around of the program (two weeks or less) so the programs will be available to other Agencies. After the program has been completed, simply return the completed class roster, tape, pre-tests, post-tests and evaluations to us. The test will then be graded, and if the student scores a 70% or higher on the post-test, a course completion certificate will be mailed out to the student at the address listed on the class roster.