Certification by Waiver

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For those wanting to challenge the exam, you must have all supporting documents approved prior to challenging the exam.


Challange Examination Dates – All testing times are 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The challenge exam is given by appointment only. Please verify eligibility and confirm a test date with Joaquin Nielsen at (505) 827-9276. Those who do not have confirmation will not be allowed to take the exam.


CBW 91 – March 6 – 17, 2017

CBW 92 – June 5 – 16, 2017

CBW 93 – November 6 – 17, 2017

CBW 94 – March 5 – 16, 2018

CBW 95 – June 4 – 15, 2018

CBW 96 – November 5 – 16, 2018

A waiver process to become a certified peace officer in the State of New Mexico exists for those individuals whom the Board has previously certified but whose certification has become inactive or for those individuals who have functioned as a peace officer in another state or with the federal government whose training and experience substantially conform to the basic course curriculum of New Mexico.

Every applicant for certification by waiver of previous training must meet all qualifications and requirements as established in New Mexico statues and New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board administrative rules. Any previously certified New Mexico peace officer must attend the Certification by Waiver program if they have been out of commissioned law enforcement for more than two (2) years without six (6) consecutive months of service. Any applicant who has not been employed as a full-time law enforcement officer for a period in excess of eight (8) years must attend the basic police officer training program to become certified.

The Director may consider the applicant’s certified law enforcement experience and give credit of 40 hours per year for each year of service, up to but not to exceed ten (10) years, for a total of 400 hours and, the applicant will receive credit for advanced training, up to but not to exceed 400 hours. Applicant experience and training must be equivalent to the current minimum standards of training curriculum in effect at the time of application, which is currently 675 hours, unless such deficiencies are covered in the Certification by Waiver Program.

The Certification by Waiver of Previous Training requirements were amended at the July 24, 2012 NMLEA Board meeting. The new requirements are: 10.29.6 NMAC