Basic Training Bureau

Bureau Vision Statement

The Basic Training Bureau is the vehicle through which those entering the profession of Law Enforcement are empowered and enabled to protect the citizens of the State of New Mexico and safeguard the stability of our society.

To this end, we look to the future, embracing new technologies, seeking best practices within the global law enforcement training community, and developing state of the art training in both content and methods of delivery. We set the bar high and expect those we are entrusted to train to strive to meet or exceed our high standards. We also set those standards for ourselves and expect no less of ourselves as we lead by example.

Bureau Goes Paperless through Technology

The NM LEA Cadets use the HP Mini as a new technology educational tool.

NM LEA Cadets have access to wireless internet both in the classrooms as well as their dorm rooms. Internet access allows cadets to access web research materials, provides group access for downloading curriculum files, homework assignments and to provide full communication with each individual cadet via private email. The HP Mini comes with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Educational Version Platform, and Microsoft Outlook which will provide Word 2010, Adobe Reader 10, VCL and Window Media Player.

Other software included on the HP Mini:

  • Annotated statutes and court rules for NM
  • U.S. Constitution
  • N.M. Constitution
  • N.M Criminal Codes and Traffic Law Manuel
  • Legal Law Dictionary/ Thesaurus
  • EZ Cad

Bureau Goes Hands-On

RAP4 Officer Live Interaction.

NMLEA Cadets are spending less time in the classroom environment and we are getting them into a Hands-On environment.  We are using specially designed paint marker guns (RAP4) that require less safety gear for a more realistic approach to patrol tactics training.  There are multiple colored markers that are fired from the guns which allows staff and cadets to immediately understand who actually fired and hit their intended target.  It also provides individual police cadets with immediate feedback when they have been hit.

Bureau Curriculum Design Center


The staff now has a space dedicated to developing and writing new curriculum for the basic academy. We hope to have a new curriculum designed for delivery to the NMLEA Board for approval by the end of this fiscal year.




Future Technology for Bureau Use


NM LEA will integrate cloud computing for multiple training purposes.

Tablets (Each LEA Instructor will have a tablet to better communicate with the cadets and to stay up to date with the curriculum, latest technology, and cadet concerns.
Classroom Performance System (CPS) is an educational tool used to combine interaction with the cadet while using an educational assessment and evaluation of that student.