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2014 NMDPS Day / Night Qualification Courses

Day & Night Qualification courses have changed. Ensure your firearms instructors and range masters use these courses for reporting annual NMDPS Day & Night qualifications for certified officers:

New courses become mandatory December 1, 2014. You may use the old courses until December 1, 2014 or start the new courses immediately. Anyone who has completed their mandatory qualifications for 2014 prior to December 1, 2014 using the old courses need not re-qualify for the new 2014 courses. Anyone qualifying after December 1, 2014 must use the new courses.

The Training and Recruiting Division shall:

  • Establish rules, policies, qualifications, and standards for the employment, certification, and training of law enforcement officers and public safety telecommunicators.
  • Research, develop, and provide basic and advanced courses of instruction.
  • Ensure compliance with the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board Rules.

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