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NMDPS Day / Night Qualification Courses

Day & Night Qualification courses were changed by the NMLEA Board at the September 3, 2014 Board meeting in Ruidoso. The Board ruled the qualification courses would immediately return to the previous courses for day and night qualifications. The minimum qualification score was reset to 80% and the head shot scoring area was returned to the “scuba mask” area rather than the “credit card” area.

Agencies which used the previously published “New” courses for their 2014 annual qualifications will not be required to re-qualify on the courses adopted by the Board on September 3, 2014.

For your convenience the qualification courses adopted by the NMLEA Board are available to download from the following links:

If you would like to review the Board’s discussion on the adoption of the firearms qualification scores, the Board meeting minutes are available to download from the following link:

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  • Ensure compliance with the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board Rules.

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